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Year 2007

The department of medieval history of the Historical Institute of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, a public research institute, in cooperation with the Department of Czech History of the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University and the Archives of the Capital City of Prague organized the second year of the discussion forum focused on the topic of courts in 2007 (18-19 October). After a two-year break the main objective of the session was to summarize the current results of research on the structure and arrangement of a royal court, a noble court or a religious court. The presentations first showed the effort of researchers to identify the structure of medieval courts, their offices, functions and relationships among people. However, courts were not presented purely as administrative bodies, but also as places for mutual interaction of social groups and people. As such they featured a hierarchic structure, but not a static and unchangeable one. Their life had several levels, not only the primary - political - one. Therefore, the second range of topics inevitably comprised discussions related to the court culture which comprised all the aforementioned components since it was the key factor in both the ordinary and festive life of the court community. As an outcome of the event the second supplementum of the journal Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica is to be published by the end of 2008.

Topics of presented lectures:

Dana DVOŘÁČKOVÁ-MALÁ: The royal court in the Middle Ages - the status of research and prospects for further research
Jan ZELENKA: The Přemyslid court and courts of imperial princes in the 12th century
Marcin Rafał PAUK: The Creation of the Courtly Elite During the Reign of the Last Přemyslid Kings. The supreme Chamberlain Andrew of Všechromy and his Protégées
Martin WIHODA: Courts of the first Moravian margraves
Libor JAN: Ten "burgraves" at the court of Přemysl Otakar II
Markéta ŠPŮROVÁ: Cooks, conjurers, doctors... their position at the Přemyslid court
Karel MARÁZ: About dignitaries and officers of the Hungarian, Czech and Polish King Wenceslas III.
Dalibor JANIŠ: On the Structure of the Court of Olomouc Bishops in the 13rd Century
Zdeněk ŽALUD: The curia minor of the king John the Blind and Moravian margrave Charles of Luxemburg
Robert NOVOTNÝ: The gentry at the court of Wenceslas IV.
Petr ELBL: Moravians in the structures of the court of Sigismund of Luxembourg
Lenka BOBKOVÁ: The court touring the Lands of the Czech Crown
Klára BENEŠOVSKÁ: "Occasional" and "temporary" residences of Jan of Luxembourg in France and Italy
Martin ČAPSKÝ: Changes in the court community of Albrecht of Koldice. The captain´s office of the Svidnik and Javor principality during the Hussite period
Petr KOZÁK: The court community of the Duke of Hlohov (Glogau) and Opava (Troppau), Sigismund Jagiellon
Ewa WOLKIEWICZ: "Pinguis pastor, oves macre" W kwestii organizacji dworu biskupa wrocławskiego Jodoka z Rozmberku (1456-1467)
Robert ŠIMŮNEK: Residential Courts of the Czech Nobility in the Late Middle Ages
Václav LEDVINKA: The King´s court and the royal court in Prague 1458-1490/1526 (A note on the topic of courts and court culture in the Post-Hussite kingdom)
Robert ANTONÍN: The Ideal of the Ruler´s Power in Narrative Sources of Czech Middle Ages
Marie BLÁHOVÁ: Intellectuals at the Court of the Last Přemyslids
Kateřina CHARVÁTOVÁ: Cistercians at the court of the last Přemyslids
Renata MODRÁKOVÁ: Reflections of the Bohemian princes and king´s court in the St. George´s Benedictine Abbey at Prague Castle during the 13th and 14th Centuries
Martin MUSÍLEK: The reflection of the court culture in the town environment in the 13th and 14th centuries
Otakar SLANAŘ: Characters and space in chivalrous epic poetry originating from the medieval Czech Lands
Jana FANTYSOVÁ-MATĚJKOVÁ: Luxembourgs and tournaments
Lenka MRÁČKOVÁ: Musical culture at the court of the Emperor Friedrich III and its reception in Czech written sources