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Year 2005

In 2005 (18 March) the department of medieval history of the Historical Institute of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Department of Czech History of the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University organized the first meeting of researchers who specialize in topics related to the courts in the Middle Ages. The intent behind the event was to establish a discussion forum for the study of courts and residences in the Middle Ages which had never been implemented in a larger scope before. The selected topic offered a number of opportunities to focus either on the court community surrounding the ruler or at noble or church courts, including the issue of settlement locations and residences. As an outcome of the discussion a collection of articles called Courts and Residences in the Middle Ages was published as the first supplementum to the Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica journal.

Topics of papers:

Markéta ŠPŮROVÁ: Identification of witnesses in deeds of the royal family during the era of Wenceslas I and their relation towards the royal court
Irena MORAVCOVÁ: The court of Queen Margaret of Babenberg between 1249-1266
Tomáš BALETKA: The court of Moravian Luxembourgs and prospects of its further research
Dominik BUDSKÝ: The metropolitan Prague chapter as a small-scale court. The career and relationships within the chapter between 1378-1390
Marcin Rafał PAUK: Nemieccy przybysze na dworze Wacława I. W kwestii poczštków migracji rycerskich do Czech
Dana DVOŘÁČKOVÁ-MALÁ: Bernard III. of Kamenec, the founder, chancellor, counsel and diplomat
Martin ČAPSKÝ: Changes in the court elite as a reflection of the decrease in the sovereign prestige of Opava Přemyslids
Robert NOVOTNÝ: Court and provincial hierarchy in the late Medieval Bohemia
Mlada HOLÁ: The stays of Charles IV and its court in Wroclaw between 1348-1372
Richard NĚMEC: About the concept of a residence: Formal attributes as a criterion for the definition of Charles´ IV residences. Lauf - Milín - Ojvín
Petr HLAVÁČEK: New Jerusalem? The spiritual dimension of the Kadaň residence of Jan Hasištejnský of Lobkowicz (+1517)
Otakar SLANAŘ: About topics in the medieval chivalrous and court epic poetry